Thunderbolts 19

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Thunderbolts 19 introduces us to some fun insight in the way Red Leader thinks. The issue teases us by showing what might happen if Red Leader were to take action and kill everyone on the team. Yes, everyone. The Punisher, Elektra, Red Hulk, Venom and Deadpool.

If you are the kind of person that finds violence hilarious (and who doesn’t?) then you are going to love Thunderbolts 19. We see Punisher and Elektra blown to bits, as well as Red Hulk and Deadpool burned alive. Venom dies as well; I would rather not spoil how.

After the last three issues of Thunderbolts, I said to myself: dear Lord, please let a better artist get on board. My prayers were answered. I am happy to report that Gabriel Walta has replaced Jefte Palo. Although not an unbelievably amazing artist, Walta’s work leaps mountains over Palo’s.

Reach into your pocket, flick away the lint, buttons and paper clips, and use that pocket change to pick up a copy of Thunderbolts 19. I can honestly say that it is the best issue in a while. Maybe it is because of its simple story which can be contained in a single issue. Maybe it is the much-improved artwork. Personally, I think it is a combination of both. Be good to yourself and give it a read (Affiliate Link).