Bill and Hillary Love Superman

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Ever read a comic that tries to tie iteself to current events? Well let me tell you that it is weird. Really, really weird. In Superman: The Man of Steel issue 20, it is the funeral of Superman (because he died and came back, remember?). And guess who shows up? That’s right: Bill and Hillary Clinton.

For those of you who do not know, Bill Clinton was president of the United States when Superman: The Man of Steel 20 was published in 1993. This was before he was accused of adultery and well before his wife, Hillary Clinton, tried to be president as well. So to see these real-life characters appear on page 18 talking about Superman is creepy. So creepy that I had to write an article about it.

Seeing Bill and Hillary Clinton in a comic book is not the only reason to check out Man of Steel 20. Titled Funeral Day, it is about (you guessed it) Superman’s funeral. For some reason, Lex Luthor volunteered to plan the funeral, and every DC hot-shot shows up. Even Batman, who would not leave Gotham City to buy a pair of shoelaces, decides to show up and beat up some suspicious-looking people for no good reason.

A good place to pick up back issues is (Affiliate Link), if you are looking for this issue. So is it weird that Bill and Hillary are in this issue? Or is it just me?