Flash Hates AIDS

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During the 90s, there were a lot of dumb public service announcements, and they all felt as if they were competing with each other to try and be the dumbest.I was looking though Superman: The Man of Steel 20 (which has other weird elements as well) and imagine my face when I saw The Flash slam-dunking a basketball in the name of AIDS prevention.

The public service announcement starts by saying “you may think it’s not your problem” and basically says not to be a dick to people with AIDS. One kid, who has AIDS I guess, offers the other kid a sip of soda, and the reaction is not good. The kids in the announcement look like they are from elementary school. So how did these kids get AIDS? Were they shooting up heroine or picking up prostitutes, perhaps? Hard to say.

That is not the best part though. You see, The Flash hates AIDS. We know this because he shows up out of no-where and tells one of the kids that his jokes suck and that he is going to drink their soda. He then steals their basketball and does a slam dunk. He was so condescending that I half-expected Flash to tear off one of their heads and dribble it down the court, then drop-kick it into the basket.

What is the funnier message in this public service announcement? Is it that Flash hates AIDS, or that he loves Basketball? Leave a message below.