Catwoman captured

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It is pretty alarming to picture Catwoman captured. But it does happen in Catwoman 79 from April 2000. Catwoman is known for being two things: Batman’s squeeze and being a slick cat burglar. Batman and Catwoman have often worked together, but in this particular issue, Batman was asked by commissioner Gordon to step aside while the GCPD try to capture the elusive Catwoman.

The plot of Catwoman 79 is predictable. Catwoman thinks that Gotham belongs to her, and she steals with free rein. Commissioner Gordon decides to set up a trap in order to put Catwoman behind bars. When she steals a beautiful museum piece, she gets cornered on the roof, and we see Catwoman captured. Her mask is pulled off and she is read her rights.

Written by Bronwyn Carlton and drawn by Staz Johnson, the artwork is excellent when coupled by Wayne Faucher’s inks. It is also interesting to see a story being told in this series from a character other than Catwoman. Catwoman issue 79 is also an issue where the story is completely self-contained, meaning that you do not need to read prior issues to understand what is going on. I love comics like that.

Let’s be honest here, Catwoman deserved to be captured. She always had this sense of arrogance, this idea that she was better than everyone else. It was this thrill that caused her to fly too close to the sun, waiting for the faithful day when her crimes would catch up with her. However, I guess doing constant back-flips while leaping from building to building would keep you in incredible shape. Her bad-girl persona is probably what attracts Batman to her.

Being captured is a difficult situation for any criminal, but it’s especially problematic for someone like Catwoman. As a nimble and elusive thief, she takes pride in her ability to evade capture and revels in the thrill of the chase. Now that she’s been caught, she’ll face the consequences of her actions and have to find a way to escape the long arm of the law. With her cunning and natural abilities, however, it’s likely she won’t stay caught for long.

If the idea of Catwoman captured excites you, you should definitely consider getting a hold (Affiliate Link) of this issue. It is rare to see her in this sort of situation. Have you read this issue? What did you think of it? Leave your thoughts below.