Superman threatens Wonder Girl

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We have seen Superman go berserk before, but this really takes the cake. In Action Comics 584 Superman decides to let his frustration out upon the world. He does this by punching into random buildings, tearing off Cyborg’s arm, and.. umm…. Superman threatens to have his way with Wonder Girl. This makes quite an interesting scenario, the idea of a grown adult like Superman wanting to perform certain acts on a teenage girl. However, it turns out that Superman was not in his right mind.

The story of Action Comics 284 is that Superman’s mind was swapped with some crippled dude. This guy was so smart that he managed to create incredibly complicated machinery, which not even NASA’s top scientists could ever hope to invent, acquired all the parts, then welded it all together himself. Never mind that he is so fragile that he can barely even stand, or that Superman’s regular breathing could crush his body to fit into a Styrofoam coffee cup. Yet somehow “Mister Glass” from the movie Unbreakable is able to be the most powerful man on Earth.

I have to say that, beyond the lazy mind-swapping-machine concept, the story is actually pretty realistic. Lord knows that if had Superman’s powers, I would break the first thing I’d see and then tear off a super-hero’s arm. When Superman threatens to have his way with Wonder Girl after beating her, it solidified how evil people could be on the inside, even if they seem like a harmless cripple. If you had the powers of Superman, how could you resist the temptation of doing anything you want? Who is going to stop you from robbing a bank, or worse?

Apparently I am not the only one that finds the idea of gaining Superman’s powers appealing. Action Comics 584 is a classic (Affiliate Link)that is often seen in people’s collections, despite having little monetary value. What would you do with Superman’s powers? I would give up my Klondike bar.