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I remember being a little kid and watching the Tales From The Crypt show, which was wildly inappropriate for my age. It often had bizarre and gory story lines with surprise endings. Before each story they would show the cover of a comic book, and I used to wonder…. was Tales From The Crypt really a comic?

Yes, the Tales From The Crypt comic is very real, and has a rich history behind it. The Comic Code Authority, known for its strict regulatory rules, had publisher EC Comics under fire for blame of juvenile delinquency. And by that I mean they thought that kids were going to shoot each other in the face because they saw it happen in a comic book, that sort of thing. The man behind the comic, Bill Gaines, explains it really well in a documentary called Comic Book Confidential.

The series, which became a movie in 1972 and a television show in the 90s, the Tales From The Crypt comic is legendary. The Crypt Keeper, the storyteller, is witty and fun. If you were to check out the series, you might realize that numbering stars at 20. This is because the comic went through several titles before settling on one, which lasted until its cancellation. If you are curious about the series, you can find EC Archive reprints on Amazon, although they are a bit pricy but are worth every penny. Of course, start with volume 1. (affiliate link)

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