Spider-Man Shrinks

And I thought I had a hard time for being too short.

In Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 10, we see Spidey shrunken to microscopic levels. It apparently is a parody of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (affiliate link) which was released just one year before this story was published (what a coincidence!) and has similar gags. It is so silly that it is hard to believe that one-time power house Marvel had been reduced to such gimmicks during the 90s.

The story is that somehow Spider-Man has shrunk in size, and was continuing to shrink. Ant Man was no help (as usual) so it was up Harry Osborn to try and find a solution.

Silly story aside, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 10 has some very redeeming qualities. For starters, “Into The Micro Universe” was scripted by Stan Lee himself and drawn by industry legend Rich Buckler. For those who do not know, Rich Buckler has authored many books (affiliate link) explaining how to draw dynamically. In addition, Todd McFarlane, also a comic legend, has his work appear in this issue as well.

Is it appropriate that Spider-Man shrinks to the size of a bug? Perhaps. These annual issues are like having four issues for the price of one. Combined with the awesome creative team, this is an issue worth checking out and adding to your comic collection.

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