Batman and Zatanna's relationship

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We know Zatanna has had relationships with all sorts of people, including Nightwing. But what about The Dark Knight himself? Although not necessarily a romantic relationship, it turns out that Batman and Zatanna had a deep emotional connection that could be described as love. This is best displayed in Batman Urban Legends, with a story arc called Bound To Our Will. In this six-part comic story, we learn a lot by what the two of them have to say for each other.

In this story arc we see a flashback of Bruce (Batman) and Zatanna out in nature, sitting on a blanket with what appears to be a picnic basket. Zatanna points out that the area is perfect for casting due to its energy, and it’s beautiful as well. Bruce says under his breath that the area is not as beautiful as she is. The both of them look younger and the scenario implies that they may have been in some sort of relationship while in their youth. Together they do a spell that unifies their thoughts. Bruce tells Zatanna that he thinks that she is gorgeous when she does magic. They also tumble around on the grass laughing. They clearly have feelings for each other.

Bruce and Zatanna on a date

Suddenly, there is an attack by some supernatural force. Zatanna is lifted into the air and Bruce desperately holds on. After grounding herself, the two of them put there hands in the air and Zatanna says “bound to our will”. After this incident we see Batman and Zatanna throughout history working together using magic. They are wearing various costumes to show the passing of time. In each panel they say “bound to our will”. The implication here is that they were somehow connected and being bound is what made them successful as teammates.

Fast forward to the future and now things are forever awkward for the two of them because of the spell they did together. Zatanna asks Batman what he remembers about that day, and where his mind returns to when they are near each other. The comic panel reveals that he was thinking about when Zatanna was frightened in the air, holding on to Bruce’s hand. Zatanna tells Batman that she found some possible solutions to their problem that look promising. Batman then has an emotionally crushed look on his face.

In issue 12, Batman and Zatanna discuss how they have always been connected on a deep level in the past. As Batman is explaining this, Zatanna says that sharing the emotions were clearly a burden on him, since he avoids her for months. There is a moment while Zatanna is patching injuries on Batman’s back when she almost touches his chest. This may be implying physical attraction.

Zatanna touching Batman's chest

Near the end of the story arc, love and friendship become more apparent elements that paint a clearer picture of their past. In particular issue 15 of Batman Urban Legends, when Zatanna blatantly says to Bruce that she loves him. To read the entire story from comic issues 11 to 16, I recommend getting volume 3 (Affiliate Link) of the trade paperback version.

A Possible Couple?

What makes them a promising combination is their different personalities. Batman is a person with gloominess, but Zatanna is a person with lightness and buoyancy. This may lead to an interesting relationship, where Batman will bring stability and Zatanna will add some freshness and wit to the couple. Because opposites attract, right?

Besides, it has to be remembered that both Batman and Zatanna were afflicted with great pain during their lifetimes, which could help them unite. Thus, Batman lost his parents when he was very young, while Zatanna lost her father, who happened to be another magician and was destroyed by the dark forces. In a situation like this, their pain is shared because both have an understanding of how the other feels, and this bond would be strong at an emotional level.

One more thing to think about is their distinctive talents. Batman is famous for his smartness, tactics, and expertise in martial arts, but Zatanna in contrast has very strong powers as a sorceress. Considering these features, they might be an unmatched pair acting together on each other’s weaknesses and obliterating villains. Can you imagine what sort of scenes could unfold if Batman were to utilize his cool gadgets and fighting techniques while Zatanna cast spells to help him?

Nevertheless, as in any relationship, Batman and Zatanna may have difficulties and impediments too. One barrier could be Batman’s dedication to his role as a crimefighter and his unwillingness to allow anybody in close proximity. Zatanna’s bold and carefree temperament might be incompatible with Batman’s grave demeanor and regulated outlook on existence. However, an open dialogue and empathy could help these differences to be surmountable.

One drawback of a Batman-Zatanna relationship would be the danger they both face in their respective jobs. Both of them have chosen to be superheroes so they can protect the world from evil. Consequently, there is always the risk of losing their lives and their loved ones becoming victims of the numerous enemies that Zatanna or Batman have declared war on. This will not only cause tension but also make their relationship vulnerable.