Batman and Wonder Woman almost Slept Together

Alone, in front of a roaring fire, far away from any other human. They look at each other passionately and even move in for a kiss, almost touching lips. This is the scenario in the comic book Batman issue 39, volume 3. But how did this come to be, and how did circumstances come to be that Batman and Wonder Woman could have slept together?

It starts with Wonder Woman lighting up The Bat Signal on the roof of The Gotham City Police Department. Commissioner Gordon races to the rooftop and is surprised to see Diana there. She says that she wishes to speak with Batman alone. Batman asks her why she didn’t use the Justice League communicator. She said that she thought the signal would be more fun. (Perhaps being flirtatious?) She says that the two of them promised someone named The Gentle Man, who is from another realm or dimension or something, a chance to rest and stop fighting monsters for one day while they fill in.

Later after fighting monsters, Wonder Woman is washing blood from her hands in a stream. She is talking about Batman’s girlfriend Catwoman, and says that he must miss her, and loves her and will marry her. And yet there he is without Catwoman, but with Wonder Woman. When she says this to him, she is seductively bathing her hair underneath a waterfall.

Wonder Woman seducing Batman

Since time moves as a difference pace in the realm Batman and Wonder Woman are in, an hour in Earth time winds up being ten years where they are. Wonder Woman points out that since the hordes of monsters are everlasting, all they have forever is each other. They both move in for a kiss. However Batman intervenes (in the following comic issue) and says that they can never do it, and they are being ridiculous. They decide to be faithful to the ones they love back on Earth. So that is the story of how Batman and Wonder Woman nearly slept together. It spans across Batman 39 and Batman 40, however getting the sixth trade paperback may be wiser if you are interested in the broader story around these circumstances.

So here’s the thing: they were trapped in that realm for a total of 37 years. That’s a long time to do nothing but kill monsters. To think that a man and a woman, alone with no other human in existence, would go almost four decades without sleeping with each other, is crazy. Did I mention that they don’t age at all in the realm? It’s not like they were blood relatives, or weren’t attracted to each other. I think Catwoman and Steve Trevor would have understood the situation and forgave them. Right?

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