Superman and Wonder Woman Kiss

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The concept of Superman and Wonder woman having a relationship is nothing new. We have seen it many times, such as in Kingdom Come. So when the series Superman/Wonder Woman was released in 2013, we could see where this was going.

After reading issue 12 of this great series (Affiliate Link), I have to admit that some intriguing and arousing things happen inside. For one, Superman and Wonder Woman kiss. That is a given. But more than that, Wonder Woman lets it slip that she loves him. Yes, she says it out loud. She is one tough cookie, willing to kill and instigate war. Yet we see her putting herself at the mercy of a man. A single tear falls down my face.

If love and kissing were not enough for you, how about good old fashion plowing love making? Superman follows Wonder Woman into her apartment (with strangely no discretion) and we all know what that means. They are not going to chill together and knit a sweater, catch my drift?
Superman Wonder Woman embrace
Of course, there is a compelling story running along side their courtship. Superman gives Wonder Woman a flower from Krypton. The twist is that the flower needs cooking oil, not water. And what happens if the flower does not get the oil? It turns into a giant monster, sucking up all the gasoline in Europe. To solve the issue, we get a surprise visit from Swamp Thing.

For the sake of argument, and I hope you don’t mind me asking, what would you do in a situation like this? It is fun to think about, is it not? You are a super hero, and your partner by your side is also your lover. The two of you make up some of the most powerful beings on the planet. If this thought brings you pleasure, you must buy this series right now, this very second.