Nightwing and Zatanna kiss

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Did you know that Dick Grayson’s birthday is December 1st? Or at least it is in Young Justice issue 20 (2011 series). He reflects upon a time when a young Flash tells Zatanna about Grayson’s birthday and so she rewards him with a peck on the cheek. Five years later we see him at age 19 as a full grown adult on his birthday again. He’s at Mount Justice with the usual team members such as Batgirl, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Superboy, etc. But what about Zatanna? Did she remember about the birthday boy? Do Nightwing and Zatanna kiss?

Zatanna in this story is part of the Justice League. She and Rocket are supposed to be at the Watchtower but they come to visit Nightwing “on a mission”. Zatanna then puts her hand on his neck and Nightwing and Zatanna kiss. A nice romantic one it seems, which comes with implications. The other members of the team cringe in awkwardness. Except for Batgirl, who gives a sly look of interest. Zatanna then wishes him a happy birthday into his ear, but Grayson is not satisfied just yet. he asks her to say it backwards to lock it in and she obliges. Rocket kisses him on the cheek and Zatanna can’t help but to ask how he is able to stay friends with all his exes. He says that’s his super-power.

Rocket kisses Nightwing

If there is one thing to notice here, it’s that Zatanna probably dated Nightwing. From the looks of it, Batgirl has taken a keen interest. We also now know that Grayson used to date Rocket. It appears that no woman can resist this guy. So what’s the plot of Young Justice 20? Aliens infiltrating the Earth. Again. On the last page we see Brainiac. But you didn’t care about that, did you? To check out all the action be sure to pick up (Affiliate Link) Young Justice 20. So what do you think about Nightwing and Zatanna kissing? Let me know in the comments.