Robocop Vs Terminator Genesis game

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I have already discussed the comic, but you probably know more about the Robocop Vs Terminator Genesis game more than anything else. While people have long forgotten about the comic book, the video game is long remembered for its realism, sound, graphics and violence. Although the Super Nintendo version had cut scenes showing the comic, the Genesis version seemed to be the superior version due to its excessive violence.

The draw is the realism, but in truth the game is super hard. Thankfully though, Robocop Vs Terminator Genesis game has some pretty sweet features, such as battling ED-209, Robocop 2, shooting up the OCP building, being able to use ED-209’s arm as a weapon, battling terminators underground, and a million other things. When Robocop shoots his weapon, the glow reflects off his metal exterior, making excellent use of the Genesis’ limited color palette.
Robocop Terminator Woman Violence
As mentioned, there are some differences between the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) and the Super Nintendo version. Strangely enough, the women in the game were removed from Robocop Vs Terminator Genesis game because of violence concerns. This is ironic because Nintendo has always been the ones picky about that sort of thing. The good news is that they are actually still in the game, just hidden. Their voices are even still in the sound test menu. To bring them back, all you need to do is press the pause menu (on the first level for example) and press these buttons:

C – B – A – B – B – A – B – B – C – B – B – C – C – B – B – C – B – C – A – C – C – A – A – A – B – B – B – A – C – A

Long winded, I know, but extra violence is always appreciated. Plus the game lets you catch on fire after the code, plus has an awesome animation of you being electrocuted as you are dying.

Be sure to check out the Robocop Vs Terminator Genesis game when you have the opportunity. It is still pretty easy to find (affiliate link) if you want to kick it old school and play it.

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