Smash TV Game

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As a little kid, I saw a game with a crazy context yet insanely fun. I saw the Super Smash TV game for the Super Nintendo, a port of the classic arcade game Smash TV. Imagine being on a game show and your job is to kill endless waves of people as fans cheered on. Your reward? Huge piles of cash, cars, and VCRs.

The adrenaline running through your veins as game show music is played to the tune of your bloodshed is paramount to any other game you may ever play. The Smash TV game is like a zombie apocalypse on steroids. From the television announcer to the arcade music, the presentation is not the only thing that makes the gameplay exciting: it has to be one of the hardest games ever made.

We are talking hundreds of people with sticks, guns, lasers and bombs all trying to kill you at the same time. The Smash TV game does not play around. As an arcade game, they want to make sure that you lose again and gain to pump those quarters into the machine. I should also not that the arcade game, as strange as it sounds, uses two joysticks for each player: one to move, the other to shoot. Unusual as it may sound, it is effective in assisting constant bullet-spraying and non-stop carnage.

The Smash TV game has some influences that are easy to spot. The announcer says, “I will buy that for a dollar!” which is a repeated quote from the movie Robocop. Also, the idea of being on a game show to survive and win prizes is the plot of the movie (affiliate link) (and Steven King novel) The Running Man.

Midway, before going under, would be known for its Mortal Kombat series. Just a couple years before, the Smash TV game was created. therefore, you could argue that the gratuitous violence that Midway loved to put in its games stemmed from Smash TV.

The most popular versions are the console ports of Super Smash TV. These versions were on the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis, and played really well.

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