Die Hard PC Game

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I do not often give bad reviews, but the Die Hard PC game is just awful. I hate it. I am not talking about Die Hard Trilogy, which was amazing, but rather an early DOS game where you navigate Nakatomi Plaza like in the movie and follow the same set of events. The idea was good, but the execution was horrible. Read on to see what I mean.

Like in the movie, in the Die Hard PC game you start out in the bathroom. You have to stop the terrorists within 20 minutes and gather items from the people you kill, like the radio, bullets, lighter, cigarettes, etc. The radio lets you “hear” the same dialog as in the movie, cluing you in for which safe locks have been broken, who has died, what Hans Gruber is saying, and so forth. It really is close to the movie, and knowing what happens in the movie helps you decide what you need to do next.

Sounds awesome, right? Not really. The reason is gameplay. The game is in a piss-poor excuse for 3D, where movement is stiff and invisible obstacles keep you from moving. To move forward and backward or to strafe, you use the arrow keys. To turn, you have to hold down the shift key and use the arrow keys. You can only turn 90 degrees. To shoot, you select the weapon in your inventory and press the space bar as you aim your arm with the arrow keys. You get an enormous amount of ammo — 8 bullets — which are all wasted as you try to hit your impossible target.

Why is hitting your target impossible? Because the enemy sprite movement is atrocious. Sometimes they appear and then disappear without attacking you. Where did they go? Into a nearby door? Go ahead and check, you will not find them. It is so bizarre. Even after you kill them, their body shifts around as you move, making it hard to stand near them so you can search them.

For these reasons and more, I decided to cheat, and you should too if you have this game. The memory address for lives is at 0002CB0A and appears to be at a scale of 1 to 30. You can change these values using a cheat program like Game Wizard 32. Time in minutes is at 0002CE40 and handgun bullets is 0002CF56. Now when you play the Die Hard PC game, you can give yourself more than a few shots, and will be able to take your time aiming.

My advice is to forget this game and just watch the movie. Unless you are curious of course, in which case I can not stop you.