The Incredible Machine game

For those who do not know, The Incredible Machine game is a puzzle game where an assortment of objects are used together to accomplish a goal, such as trying to get a basketball through a hoop using a trampoline, sea-saw, some rope and a gun. Its use of physics makes it not unlike Angry Birds, but requires constant abstract thought the way Tetris does.

This is where things get interesting. Did you know Tetris can lead to more efficient brain activity? This is mind-blowing, but not surprising. You can practically feel the neurons moving in your head. The same goes for classic paper games such as crossword puzzles. The Incredible Machine game easily fits into this same category.

As people get older, it is harder for them to learn, remember things, or understand situations. Their minds diminish, basically. As the phrase goes, use it or lose it. I cannot think of a better tool than the Incredible Machine game. Each level is a new puzzle where you are given a handful of objects where only your mind contains the solution. Similar to reality, there is often more than one answer to any problem.

I remember having this game for DOS when I was a kid. I could barely read, but that did not stop me from experimenting with scenarios in The Incredible Machine game. One fun option is to not solve any puzzle at all, but to simply experiment with all the gears, ropes, engines and other gadgets to create any sort of situation that you would like. Then with the press of a button, gravity and physics would do its magic and change the world in front of your eyes.

There were many variations of this game that you consistently improved on the previous. Did you have this game? Leave your memories below.

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