Wonder Woman married to Steve Trevor

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In the comic Wonder Woman 329 (volume 1) we get the grand finale in a 48-page final issue. Most of the comic is an epic battle involving Hades and fighting the Olympian gods and the Amazons as well. But we don’t care about that right now, do we? We want to see Diana and Trevor lock lips. Or more importantly, we want to see Wonder Woman get married!

As the world crumbles, Washington DC is no different. Colonel Steve Trevor is there, doing the best he can to save people from the horror. One woman falls into a crevice, despite his attempts to pull her up. Like an angel, Wonder Woman appears and the two of them embrace each other in a passionate kiss. Wonder Woman decides that they have been playing around with love for too long and life is too short. She says that when they have the chance again that she wants their love to be sealed as man and woman.

Wonder Woman kisses Trevor

After the battle ends Wonder Woman suggests to Trevor that they seal their love, now and forever in front of her Amazon sisters. A wedding ceremony is performed by Zeus himself and Wonder Woman gets married. The next page shows the two of them in a bedroom. Trevor is basically naked with a small towel around his waist while Diana is wearing a nightgown. She says that she had a dream of them with their child walking in a golden field. Trevor suggests that it is destiny.

Of course we always suspected that the two of them would get married. But it only took 42 years! Now that they are, it’s foreshadowed that they may have a child. The story line continues in Crisis on Infinite Earths issue 12 but I strongly recommend against reading that convoluted dumpster fire. It is a hard story to follow and was only done as a necessary step to simplify the DC universe. For that I give them kudos. If you are interested in reading this (Affiliate Link) there is a collection of interesting stories compiled in a trade paperback to promote the movie Wonder Woman 1984.

What do you think of the two love birds finally tying the knot? Let me know if the comments.