Spider-Man vs Wolverine

A fun and easy scenario to fantasize about is the famous wall-crawler fighting the indestructible Canadian. While one has infallible instincts against harm, the other has an indestructible body. This would definitely be an interesting fight. But how would we know who would win with Spider-Man vs Wolverine? Well it turns out there is a giant-sized special issue comic that explores this, and more.

The name of the comic is literally called Spider-Man Versus Wolverine and the massive 64 page story is a much deeper tale than anyone would have expected. Published in 1987 Peter Parker (Spider-Man) is in Berlin on assignment to take photos. The Berlin wall is still up and Wolverine is in the country as well while dealing with both the CIA and the KGB. Wolverine just wants to protect Charlemagne, his longtime friend, associate and girlfriend. Peter is in Berlin with Ned Leed, both on assignment.

Ned Leed, also known as the Hobogoblin, was found tied up and had his throat slashed in his room. (Somehow this passed the Comic Code Authority despite its mature themes) Wolverine repeatedly tries to warn Parker that he is over his head. He knows Peter is Spider-Man due to his scent, an ability Wolverine possesses and uses to track people. In a graveyard Wolverine’s girlfriend Charlie asks Wolverine to kill her to avoid being murdered, captured or tortured by the KGB. Spider-Man witnesses this and decides to intervene. Next thing you know, we have a Spider-Man vs Wolverine situation as they fight each other.

Spider-Man is surprised that Wolverine is as fast as he is. He is scared to death of Wolverine’s claws and fears for his life. Spider-Man decides that he may have to kill Wolverine. He repeatedly punches him in the head with all his might but knows Wolverine will never stop. So while being tackled Spider-Man puts his hands around his neck, knowing that he would have to use all of his strength to snap it and kill Wolverine. But he can’t do it, and Wolverine has mercy on him.

Spider-Man kills Charlie

When an attack helicopter suddenly shows up shooting at them, Peter’s spider-sense warns him of danger and he hears someone approaching from behind him. He assumes it’s Wolverine, but it was actually Charlie. Spider-Man uses a burst of energy to punch and accidentally kill her. This was her intention, but Peter feels awful and can’t stop thinking about it.

If all this drama weren’t enough, there is another twist as well. The trip made Peter realize that Mary Jane was not just his friend, but a girlfriend. He kept pretending that she wasn’t, but he couldn’t deny it any longer. This story leads up to his proposal to Mary Jane in Amazing Spider-Man 290. What do you think of the two heroes fighting? Leave your thoughts below.

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