Spider-Man threatens to kill Kingpin

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The great thing about Spider-Man was that he was smart enough to make a costume that covered up his entire body, including his eyes and mouth. This was the best decision to protect his own identity and the lives of his loved ones. At least until the Civil War story arc forced him to reveal his identity due to the Superhuman Registration Act. He discovered pretty quickly that revealing himself was a bad idea. But even after the conclusion of Civil War, things continued to get hairy.

While surviving the epic Civil War ending fight, Kingpin watches on TV and keeps in touch with an assassin. He knows where Peter, Mary Jane and Aunt May are staying. It is some crummy motel where a sniper waits patiently for Spider-Man to return to his family. When he does, Peter use his spider-sense to predict the shot and is able to grab Mary Jane and avoid either one of them getting hurt. However Aunt May was shot by accident. Eventually Spider-Man discovers that it was The Kingpin was behind it. He wields his black costume and goes for revenge.

Aunt May in coma

We see it unfold (Affiliate Link) in Amazing Spider-man 542. The short version is that Spider-Man just continually punches and beats Fisk until he can’t move. But not before Fisk continually baits him with endless insults toward him and his family. I mean he had it coming, honestly. Before leaving Peter lets him know that when his Aunt May dies, he’ll be back to kill Fisk. So when Spider-man threatens to kill the Kingpin, he means business.

So where does this all lead? Down the path of Amazing Spider-Man 545 titled One More Day (part 4) and is among the most infamous stories in the history of Spider-Man. To save May’s life, Peter makes a deal with a demon named Mephisto. In exchange his marriage with Mary Jane would no longer exist, as if it never happened.

What do you think of this fiasco? Should Spider-Man have sacrificed his integrity by threatening to kill the Kingpin? Leave a comment.