Catwoman pregnant with Batman

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We all know Batman’s reputation with women like Black Canary and Talia Al Ghul, sleeping with all sorts of heroes, anti-heroes, and villains. So it should be no surprise that he would get some of them pregnant. We know that Batman and Catwoman had a child at some point named Huntress (real name Helena Bertinelli). So seeing Catwoman pregnant by Batman is a reality and it has to be in the comics somewhere. One of these comics was actually a trade paperback from June 2020.

This special paperback is a “100 page super spectacular” Catwoman 80th anniversary special. Whew, what a mouthful! It’s a collection of mini stories, one of them being about Helena. It starts off with Batman apparently doing tests on Catwoman (Selena Kyle) because she has been sick. She thinks it may be cancer. Batman (Bruce Wayne) knows better though, and gives her a revealing smirk, making her panic. As the story continues the two of them continue fighting crime together and chasing enemies despite her growing belly. How she still fits in her leather cat suit with a baby bump, I don’t know. Later it shows them waking up in the middle of the night as Selena is getting contractions and they are getting ready to go to the hospital. And finally we get to see Selena sleepless in the night as Helena is crying.

Catwoman with her baby

The last page of the story is the most sentimental as we see an older Selena and her daughter Helena (now grown up) visiting Bruce’s grave. Selena asserts her lack of self-confidence as she explains that Helena is more optimistic, like her father was. It ends with Selena saying that he daughter stole her heart. So there you have it. Catwoman pregnant by Batman and condensed into eight pages. There is also a lot more to see (Affiliate Link) in this collection of comic stories so you should consider adding it to your collection if you are a die-hard Catwoman fan. There also seems to be a million alternate covers by artist J Scott Campbell, controversial for the way he portrays women. Give it a read.