Crisis on Infinite Earths

I will be talking about the original version of Crisis on Infinite Earths from 1985. The version that made the story a classic. But here is the thing though: I have no idea why. I mean sure, it gets good near the end when they are fighting the… umm… Anti-Monitor … but beyond that, it is long, dragging, boring story made for one purpose only: to simplify the multiple DC Universes into one, single, coherent world.

Now, as often is with comic book universes, this may be a bit hard to follow, so bear with me. The story of Crisis on Infinite Earths is as follows: There are many different variations of the universe, and for some reason, they are being destroyed. The Monitor, some powerful guy who is assumed to be bad, does a good deed by bringing together heroes from multiple earths in order to help save the universe. He also put these giant vibrational fork things on each earth to connect them together or something.

Long story short, the Monitor dies and his evil counterpart, the Anti-monitor, has to be dealt with to save all the universes. So the mightiest heroes travel to stop him, including Superman, Supergirl, Captain Marvel, etc. This takes place in the final Issue, which is really all you need to read, because the other issues are basically fluff. Do yourself a favor and just read the first and last few issues.

It is pretty well known that the death the Supergirl is in Crisis On Infinite Earths, so I hope I am not spoiling anything by saying so. I mean, it’s only on the cover of the comic, so it’s no huge secret. The death of Supergirl came to be in issue 7, while Kara being in an environment that made her, as well as Superman, vulnerable while attacking the Anti-Monitor. While trying to save Superman, the Anti-Monitor blasted her and then escaped into space.

Of course, she was not the only one to die. A ton of major characters died in Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Flash, Green Arrow, Huntress, Robin, and a million others. And why not, right? There were two copies of most heroes at this point, due to Earth 1 and Earth 2 combining, so DC Comics had nothing to lose by doing this.

The drawings in this series are sometimes difficult to understand, because they are so detailed and tiny. The coloring is often poor, and panels are sometimes wordy. It is not the best story, but it is undeniably a classic (Affiliate Link) that a true comic fan would be proud to hold in their hands. Comment below.