Iceman and Mystique Relationship

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It might seem crazy (insane really) that a good person like Iceman (also goes by Bobby or Robert) could ever have a sexual relationship with Mystique. But then again Mystique is a cunning, crazy psychopath that is able to manipulate anyone. It’s in her blood, literally, to transform herself into anybody that she wants to be and seem to be. So it should be no surprise to find out that their so-called relationship was actually a secret ploy by Mystique to hurt Iceman.

The cover of X-Men 190 (1991 series) says it all with Iceman and Mystique locking lips. When Mystique was in danger, Bobby shows up in the form of steam to help her. She thanks him in the form of a kiss. A beginning of a budding relationship? In issue 192 Cable says something about Mystique being a traitor in the databases of his time, which could be foreshadowing. During that point she plays a part of Rogue’s independent strike force, hand-picked by Rogue herself. So I guess this makes her a member of the X-Men in one form or another. We don’t see Bobby again until issue 193 when he suddenly appears to stop Cannonball. As Mystique is falling from a giant flying ship Bobby catches her.

In X-Men 197 Iceman questions Mystique as why she cares about Rogue’s well-being since she had wanted to kill her in the past. She manages to convince Bobby that her heart is not as cold as it seems. She even puts her hand on his chest to signify that she can feel his heart. In issue 199 she puts her hand on his shoulder and wishes him luck. So you can see the slow buildup of Iceman and Mystique’s relationship. Directly after this moment she gives him a wet kiss with her hand around the back of his neck and the other hand on his bare chest. For whatever reason he is wearing no shirt.

Iceman and Mystique have sex

It’s not until X-Men issue 200 do we get to the good stuff (Affiliate Link). Mystique makes it seem as if everything that they have built is now falling down. She asks Bobby how he would spend his last night on Earth, and he answers by saying with someone he cares about. She asks him to pretend that every scrap of human contact would seems precious. Bobby then puts her down on the bed and gets on top of her. Although we don’t see what happens next, feel rest assured that they bone. Yes, here is the pinnacle of Iceman and Mystique’s relationship as they have sex in her bed. But everything is never as it seems, is it? Later Bobby tries to ice up but he can’t and doesn’t know why. Mystique also shoots Rogue, another sign of deception and betrayal. When he asks her in issue 201 what she had done to him, she says she used a neural inhibitor in her lipstick and “elsewhere”. Later in the issue Bobby manages to get his powers back by high velocity or chill factor or some other stupid reason.

Mystique uses nanites on Iceman

So in essence, Mystique used nanites on her lips (both kinds of lips, I guess) to inhibit Iceman of his mutant abilities. This is disgusting and unnecessary in so many ways. I suppose it was done like this to make the reader think that Iceman and Mystique’s relationship may have been genuine. But I’m sure something along the lines of a syringe injection, pill, drink concoction, or basically any other way to invade someone’s body with toxins would have sufficed. Maybe she just wanted to sample a fresh, cool “feeling” in places of her body that are usually warm instead of cold.

So what is Bobby’s reaction to all of this? Apparently he has nightmare about being hungry, but not for food, if you get my drift. He must have liked what Mystique had to offer, because in Astonishing X-Men 62 he appears in the form of steam to invade Mystique’s space. She is naked in the bathtub when she notices an anomaly and freaks out. She gets covered in ice before she gets out of the bathtub and grabs her gun. Was this something that Bobby did as part of his dream, or did he do it consciously?

Mystique in bathtub naked

Whew! That article was longer than I typically make them. I guess that happens when you drink too much coffee and Red Bull. Leave a comment about your thoughts on Iceman and Mystique’s relationship, even if it wasn’t genuine.