Trick Shot game

If you thought that doing pool trick shots were hard, try doing it with a joystick. That must have been the mindset of Imagic, the publisher of the Trick Shot game for the Atari 2600. I guess programming a complete pool game from scratch would have been too complex, too much trouble, or both. Either way, we are left with a billiards game that is somewhat of an unusual find for the Atari 2600.

The Trick Shot game is what you would expect. A bunch of balls are on the table, and you need to sink all of them at once. As a young kid, this was confusing and boring. As an adult, my viewpoint had changed completely. Personally, I can’t shoot pool worth a damn. I am that person that can’t even push the stick straight enough to hit the ball with force. However, a video game like Trick Shot lets me shoot pool incognito, with the lights out and the blinds drawn.

Trick Shot was published by Imagic, which lasted a full five years before the industry crashed. Before then, they were a talented team that made some pretty sweet games. So you know this Trick Shot game has the goods. If you are an Atari 2600 game collector, this is a classy game to keep in your stack that won’t make you look like a dork. It is easy to find, cheap to buy, (affiliate link) and fun to play. Not to mention that you get to shoot some pool without a pool table, something that many people would tell you is an impossible task. Now get off your lazy butt and play it, tubby.
Trick Shot Atari 2600

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