Superman and Supergirl Romance

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For those who know absolutely nothing about Superman and Supergirl, they are not a married couple. If you have been wondering how Superman is related to Supergirl, they are cousins. As the two only known survivors of their home planet, Krypton, the question begs: were they ever kissing cousins?

I have discussed how Superman and Supergirl kissed in the past, but there is a story that takes it to a whole new level. It takes place in Action Comics 289. The bizarre Superman and Superman romance began with Supergirl’s idea that Superman should be married. You know women: always wanting to set people up. After a couple of botched attempts, such as tricking Superman into making out with a married woman, he confesses her intentions and suggests… herself!

So was there truly a Superman and Supergirl romance where they are in love? Sort of. Supergirl finds a duplicate of herself on another planet. (If this makes you raise an eyebrow with confusion, I am with ya, buddy.) Although they both instantly fall in love with each other, differences between their home planets cause them to separate.

For those interested in this issue (Affiliate Link) of Action Comics 289, there are additional stories with equally bizarre and hilarious situations. For example, Superman, intentionally, laughs so hard that he collapses buildings. I am serious. Clark (Superman’s secret identity) also explains to Lois that the reason why he was not killed by a wretch to the back of his skull was because he was secretly wearing a helmet that was conveniently shaped like his hair at the time.

The idea of a Superman and Supergirl romance, in love, or even just doing each other, is creepy as hell. Besides this, Supergirl has the body of a teenager. But if the last known living man or woman of your own species was your cousin, would you entertain the idea?

Well, if Superman and Supergirl were in love, it would definitely add a whole new meaning to the phrase “keeping it in the family.” If Superman and Supergirl were in love, it would be a whole new level of disturbing. Cousins or not, there are some lines that should not be crossed, and this is definitely one of them. Besides, with all the other bizarre and hilarious situations that occur in Action Comics 289, this would just be the icing on a very strange cake. Let’s stick to the heroic feats of these two Kryptonians, rather than their potential love lives.

Superman and Supergirl being related is a fact that cannot be ignored. As cousins, their relationship is familial. While there have been instances of the two kissing, their feelings for each other have always been platonic. It’s important to remember that their bond as family members is what makes their relationship so special, not any potential romantic interest.

Romances of Supergirl

Braniac 5 and Supergirl kiss

Supergirl, like many superheroes, has had various romantic relationships throughout her comic book history. While her love life has not been as extensively explored as some other characters, there have been a few notable romantic interests for Supergirl. Let’s take a closer look at some of the characters she has dated in comics, along with specific comic book issues where these relationships were depicted.

Brainiac 5. In Superboy 204, we find out that ever since Supergirl helped out The Legion of Super-heroes on a mission, he had become obsessed with her. Even though it had been years, he cannot forget the memory. He even thinks about how she was the only girl that he ever really loved, and wonders if she felt the same way. But it’s easy to see why he would feel this way about her, since it was the era where Supergirl wore a deep V-neck shirt, and hot-pants that were so short that they might as well have been underwear. He was so in love with her that he subconciously in his sleep created a Supergirl robot over a period of two weeks. The real Supergirl shows up later in the story and is astonishingly cool about Brainiac 5 building a “love robot” in her image.

Power Boy. In Supergirl issue 15 from 2005 series, Supergirl gets a taste of domestic dispute, as a fun make-out session quickly turns into Power Boy dragging Supergirl by her hair. He was enjoying the kissing and touching a little too much before she quickly left to visit someone in the hospital. It turns out that he is the obsessive jealous type, the kind that takes a bunch of pictures and creates a shrine in his home. This was during the era when Supergirl wore a crop top and a super-short blue skirt. It was her comeback after being killed from Crisis on Infinite Earth, and was recreated in the art style of Michael Turner. The story leads to her kneeing Power Boy in the balls, and there’s no returning to a relationship after that line had been crossed.

Romances of Superman

Superman and Wonder Woman Kiss

Superman, being one of the most iconic superheroes in comic book history, has had several romantic relationships throughout his long publication history. Let’s explore some of the notable romances Superman has had in comics.

Lois Lane is the most obvious. Multiple times he had gotten her pregnant in different stories and scenarios, and so it’s obvious that she is his life-long love. They got married in the comic books around the time the same characters got married on the television show “Lois and Clark” in 1996. Superman even killed her in the Injustice story line that fans love so much. What else is there to say?

Lana Lang: Another significant romantic interest for Superman is Lana Lang, Clark Kent’s childhood friend from his hometown of Smallville. In the television show, which also happened to be called “Smallville”, Lana is the most annoying and irritating character of the series. Fans of the show began to hate her more and more over time. As for the comics, Lana was simply a convenient plot device for Clark Kent.

Wonder Woman: Another obvious relationship for Superman is with Wonder Woman, who is literally one of the only women on planet Earth that can match his physical abilities. While someone like Lois Lane could easily be torn apart accidentally, Wonder Woman is the most logical partner for Superman. During “The New 52”, the two of them had a tasty relationship that was more open than in past comic book eras. Superman got her pregnant in the “Kingdom Come” story.

Maxima: An alien queen from the planet Almerac, has shown romantic interest in Superman on multiple occasions. She is a villain of Superman, wanting his seed since he is the only suitable mate for her. In one hypothetical story, Superman agrees to be with Maxima after Lois Lane dies by Superman’s baby kicking the inside of her womb.


You may think that the idea of Superman and Supergirl in love to be twisted and disgusting, until you start to examine the other relationships these two Kryptonian cousins have had with other people. Supergirl gets obsessive and abusive boyfriends that drag her by her hair, and Superman gets an alien queen who tries to force herself on him. I suppose twisted stories are a part of comic books in general, but what else is new?