Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe

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Perhaps the most famous comic book that The Punisher has ever been in is the comic where Punisher kills everyone. Yes, everyone. It happens in The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe, a story so sought after that whenever it is reprinted, it sells out and becomes a valuable collectable (Affiliate Link). It is one of the few 90s comic books that is worth real money. Beside being parodied, it has been perpetually loved by comic fans across the globe.

Here is a quick review of the story: The X-Men are fighting aliens in central park. They have absolutely no regard for their surroundings (as usual) and Frank Castle’s family is killed in the crossfire. Daredevil tears Cyclops a new one while he is confronted by Frank. Cyclops is unapologetic, leading to him being shot in the face. Fast forward to a prison break and The Punisher is out to kill every super being on the planet… good or bad.

You must read the full comic. Every page. There is a reason why this comic has been so popular over the years: it is one of the best Punisher comic book stories written prior to the 21st century. If you ever find the first printing of Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe, for sale that is, consider your lucky stars. Put down a deposit for your bank loan so you can give it a read. As a bonus, the value makes it a good investment. If you are desperate, you can try Amazon (affiliate link) or Ebay. But you absolutely must add this comic book to your collection.

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