Punisher hates flying

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We all hate taking the airlines. Going through security. Checking luggage. Flights being delayed. They are a nightmare. The good news is that the Punisher hates flying as well, and feels your pain. That is why he stabs a man to death in Punisher War Journal 50 (Affiliate Link) with a fiberglass knife.

The story in Punisher War Journal 50 is called Unfriendly Skies and is drawn by Mark Texeira. The Punisher follows a known terrorist onto a plane where he eventually, of course, causes the bad guy to fall to his death. Not before fighting the rest of his team, however. As he would point out, airlines “guarantee you’re safe from terrorism”. An irony from a comic being written in 1993. I suppose it’s why the Punisher hates flying.

That is not all. Punisher War Journal 50 also has an additional story where some hoodlums leave Punisher in a jungle river and get a hold of his weapons. A woman involved in an abusive relationship helps him recover. As strange as it sounds, I actually enjoyed this story better than the previous one.

Any comments to add? The Punisher may hate flying, but do you? Think you can stop a terrorist with a piece of plexiglass? Leave a comment below.