Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe

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You may have heard of the classic comic The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe. People loved it, even to this day. Reproductions even sell for a pretty penny (Affiliate Link). People wanted more, and what they got was Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe. It is this comic where Deadpool kills Spider-Man as well as many others.

Long story short, Deadpool gets brainwashed and decides to kill every super hero and super villain in the world… or universe. He even kills The Watcher, the narrator of the story. The fourth wall is broken often, with little jabs here and there, and references to past stories and comics.

There is a warning on the front of the comic: not for kids, it says. Honestly, there is nothing too violent or otherwise obscene. Sure there are decapitations, but a decapitation in a comic is just a head drawn separately from its body. There is no nudity or even curses (except for a couple that have been censored). There is one hilarious scene where The Hulk attacks Deadpool so fast that he basically explodes. And of course, when Deadpool kills Spider-Man it is bloody.

I will put it as plainly as I can: Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe is dumb. It doesn’t take itself seriously after a point, and begins to get silly. But that is how the fans like it, because that is the way Deadpool has always been. If you are one of these fans, you are going to love this. (affiliate link)