Marvel Comics encourage violence

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Nothing do I love more than when comics give unintentional messages. In Amazing Spider-Man 8, a teacher decides that two feuding people should settle an argument in only one way: by beating the crap out of each other. The message that I took away was that Marvel Comics encourages violence. Don’t use your words children, use your fists. Then we can go steal a car and use it to crush some old people.

In the comic book Amazing Spider-Man, issue 8 Spider-Man has to fight some smart robot thing. But that is the least interesting thing by far. This ancient comic captures the age that it was made perfectly. For one, the high school gym happens to have a boxing ring. I gotta tell ya, if my high school had boxing as an elective, perhaps I wouldn’t be the pansy that I am now. But the main sign is the encouragement of violence. Peter Parker (Spider-Man) has always brushed feathers with his jock classmate Flash Thompson. When their teacher spots the confrontation during class, he suggests that they duke it out in the gym. I never would have guessed that a popular publisher like Marvel Comics encourages violence, past or present.

I am just poking fun, of course. I love Marvel almost as much as I love Spider-Man. Issue 8 of Amazing Spider-Man (Affiliate Link) is a great issue and a valuable collectable. I love reading these vintage comic books because they help tell the history of comics, like a snapshot of time. Hopefully you can track down a copy of this story so you can enjoy it as much as I had.