The Punisher turns black

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You should have seen my face when I found out that the Punisher turns black. It happens in The Punisher issue 60. He does it to save his life and go into hiding. Turning black makes the Punisher reap all the benefits, including getting his ass billy-clubbed by police.

The story is that he was badly cut up while in prison. Following an escape, the Kingpin was tracking him everywhere in order to kill him. He finds a doctor that would patch up the scars on his face. She also takes the opportunity of making him black. Yes, that’s right: The Punisher turns black. And that’s not even the best part. He gets pulled over by a pack of racist cops that take the liberty to beat the crap out of him, three at a time.

Then things really start to get interesting. The bullet-proof hero Cage shows up to help him out. From then on, they team up together. In the following issue, they work together to beat and shoot both white and black people alike. It’s a good old fashion slaughter, just like mamma used to make, with a slice of apple pie on the side.

The Punisher series has always been an awesome run of comics… the stories were great, and never had space-themed mumbo jumbo like the X-Men comics, where if you missed one issue, you will be so confused that you might as well be trying to read hieroglyphics. If you get The Punisher 60 (Affiliate Link), you should get Punisher 61 (Affiliate Link) as well, because that is the issue where the Punisher teams up with Cage. The Punisher turns black in issue 60 though. Snicker. What a delightfully silly concept.

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