Superman worked for Radio Shack

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For those of you who don’t know, Radio Shack is an electronic store that sells many hobbyist supplies. The store has been struggling for years but during the 80s, it was booming. So much in fact that they were able to recruit Superman and Supergirl to push their crap. During the 90s, seemingly everything I bought there that was built by Radio Shack would have to be returned the next day, so take my word for it when I say “crap”. Never in a million years would I thought that Superman worked for Radio Shack.

I found a couple of Superman Radio Shack comic books (Affiliate Link), which I guess Radio Shack gave out for free. The comics were trying to sell the TRS-80 color computer. The inside cover says “only $399”! Let’s see… 400 dollars in 1981, factoring in inflation, would equate to about a trillion dollars today. So why was this overpriced box of bolts being targeted towards children, who have so little money that they have to pick up their comic books for free at Radio Shack?

When I say that Superman worked for Radio Shack, I mean it. I have two of these comics with virtually the same message. It is just one long advertisement. The message is clear: the TRS-80 Pocket Computer will do anything from organizing words, to estimating the next time you will have to take a dump. Superman makes it clear in these comics that if you don’t steal 400 dollars from your mom’s purse and use it to buy a TRS-80, Lex Luthor will kill your entire family and destroy the world.

All joking aside, Superman worked for Radio Shack for a reason, and it was to get people like you and me to collect unusual comics such as these (Affiliate Link). My TRS-80 calculates that you should read these hilariously pathetic attempts to sell computers. The state of technology has always drawn a clear picture of the age and time period that material had been printed. So maybe Superman being a tool had a purpose after all.

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