Superman and Supergirl kiss

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Yes, you read that right. Superman kisses his cousin passionately on the lips. Kal-El kisses Kara Zor-El. Any way you spin it, it’s gross. Well, kind of gross. Okay, it’s pretty boss, considering who they are. A hunky guy and a sexy babe lock lips. But a question lingers: why did Superman and Supergirl kiss?

It all takes place in Action Comics 260. Superman comes up with one of his schemes to trick Lois (Oh no Superman, not another one of your “schemes”). He convinces Kara, aka Supergirl, to act like Superman’s love interest Mighty Maid (and I don’t think that name is sexist at all..wait, do you?). In order to portray a convincing act, Superman and Supergirl kiss.

Now let’s cut the bull for a minute here and recognize this situation for what it really is. Superman is attracted to his cousin, aka jailbait, and was willing to come up with any kind of hoax just to get his mouth all over her 15-year old lips. Yeah, you heard me. 15! Oh Superman, shame on you! First you trick me into buying a Radio Shack pocket computer and now you pull a stunt like this?

So in essence, there are many reasons to track down Action Comics 260. First of all… Superman and Supergirl kiss! Second of all…. Superman and Supergirl kiss! Do you really need another reason? They are even kissing on the cover (Affiliate Link), believe it or not. Man, I wish my cousin had a body like that. Wait, no I don’t! I didn’t mean it like that! I mean… uh… umm… I’m going to hell, aren’t I?