Superman Kissing girls

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We all know that Superman is a pimp, who has made out with everyone. We have even seen Superman Kissing Supergirl … his own cousin! But what is the ultimate proof that Superman will kiss anything with a double-X chromosome is that we one time witnessed Superman kissing six teenage girls at super-speed. Why did he do this? Because he’s Superman.

You need to understand that Superman is Superman, which means that he can, literally, do anything that he wants at any time. Rob banks, throw 18-wheelers into space, the world is his playground. Because of this, he knows that no one will stop him, because most people would not be able to. So what would be the first thing you would do if you were him? Unless your answer was to rob banks or throw trucks at the space shuttle, you probably answered “engaging physically with as many girls as possible”, which is what Superman does in Superman 182, from way back (Affiliate Link) in 1966.

The funniest part is that after Superman had been kissing all those girls, he says something like, “Yeah, I’ve got it!” Like he’s God’s gift to women. Maybe he is, I wouldn’t really know; I don’t swing that way. Bottom line is that if you would like to see (Affiliate Link) Superman and his hunky muscles smooch a bunch of underage girls, Superman 182 (series 1) is the comic to own. Because it’s from the 70s, it’s an old enough collectable to grown in value, but not old enough to be too expensive to buy. So it’s definitely worth adding to your comic book collection.