Supermans laugh brings down buildings

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And you thought that your personality brought down the house.

What if I told you that Superman’s laugh brings down buildings? Weird as heck, I know. But it happens in Action Comics 289. I have discussed this comic before, citing Superman and Supergirl getting married in this same bizzare issue. To me though, the strangest thing I had ever seen was Superman bounce his jolly old belly as if he were Saint Nick, giving the world the gift of fallen bricks penetrating their spleen.

The story of Action Comics 289 is that there is a smart-ass prankster working at the Daily Planet where Clark Kent (Superman) works. Basically he pisses everyone off to the point where Superman decides to get back at him. Yes, Superman is that big of a jerk. Because Superman’s laugh brings down buildings, he uses this to endanger everyone around him in what he perceives to be a hilarious moment.

Beside the ridiculousness of this story (not uncommon for early Action Comics) you should read Action Comics 289 because it is funny, affordable, and collectable. I like to Buy these classic Comics because my friends love to read them with me, and you should too (Affiliate Link).

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