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Yes, you read that right. In Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #55, it seems that Superman and Supergirl have children together. Supergirl then proceeds to freeze Lois in a box “for a thousand years”. But you don’t care about that part, do you? You probably want to know the same thing I was wondering: Did Superman really sleep with his cousin?

Well.. no. These older comics tended to do this gimmick where they would basically lie on the front cover about something, and then come up with a ridiculous explanation to justify the lie. It turns out, Supergirl came in contact with red kryptonite, which causes Superman and Supergirl to have “unexpected effects”. In this case, the effect was for Supergirl to treat Lois like crap and make her jealous. And the kids themselves? Robots that Supergirl made. Yes, made. And to get Superman to play along with the story? Super-hypnotism. Yep.

This issue of Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane has three stories in it. Back then, the 12 cent price tag was some deal, I imagine. There is an advertisement in this comic for Silly Puddy. Remember that stuff? I used to use it to make Frankenstein-like creatures out of characters I would find in the Sunday comics strips.

This issue of Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane 55 is interesting enough to own, because what if Superman and Supergirl had kids? It is a question I used to ask myself when I was younger. Cousin or not, are you going to let your race just die? Comment.

By Al

One thought on “Superman and Supergirl Have Children”
  1. Hmm, interesting thought.

    I guess not perhaps,
    but I don’t have any female first cousins.

    I believe there is also a comic in which Superman admits to Pre-crisis Supergirl that she was his ideal mate, but too young; on hearing this Supergirl brings him an older version from an alternate Universe, unfortunately it doesn’t work out, since the older Supergirl is allergic to our universe.

    I always wondered if Powergirl was Supergirl from a universe where she didn’t get trapped in an asteroid, landed with Kal-El in Kansas & altered the history there, by being the Justice Leagues older sister, Bruce would have been in diapers at that time too.

    somehow Superman dies & Powergirl roams though different dimensions until she happens upon one where Superman is a grown man rather than her young cousin brother who died.

    Did I get it right?

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