Superman and Supergirl

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Yes, you read that right. In Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #55, it seems that Superman and Supergirl have children together. Supergirl then proceeds to freeze Lois in a box “for a thousand years”. But you don’t care about that part, do you? You probably want to know the same thing I was wondering: Did Superman really sleep with his cousin?

Well, no. These older comics tended to do this gimmick where they would basically lie on the front cover about something, and then come up with a ridiculous explanation to justify the lie. It turns out, Supergirl came in contact with red kryptonite, which causes Superman and Supergirl to have “unexpected effects”. In this case, the effect was for Supergirl to treat Lois like crap and make her jealous. And the kids themselves? Robots that Supergirl made. Yes, made. And to get Superman to play along with the story? Super-hypnotism. Yep.

This issue of Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane has three stories in it. Back then, the 12 cent price tag was some deal, I imagine. There is an advertisement in this comic for Silly Puddy. Remember that stuff? I used to use it to Frankenstein together creatures out of characters I would find in the Sunday comics strips.

This issue of Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane (Affiliate Link) 55 is interesting enough to own, because what if Superman and Supergirl had kids? It is a question I used to ask myself when I was younger. Cousin or not, are you going to let your race just die? Considering the potential consequences of Superman and Supergirl, both Kryptonian heroes, welcoming children into their lives, there are notable positives and negatives to take into account. On the bright side, their offspring would inherit their parents’ incredible abilities, thus providing Earth with a new generation of powerful protectors. However, the risks involved might outweigh the benefits; with powerful foes constantly threatening their family, maintaining safe and stable lives for their children could become an extremely challenging task. Furthermore, blending into society would be a constant struggle for these hybrid Kryptonian children, as they attempt to navigate both their human upbringing and their otherworldly heritage.

On the other hand, one could argue that Superman and Supergirl expanding their Kryptonian family tree is a brilliantly absurd idea. Picture the chaos of baby Kryptonians knocking over world monuments while learning to crawl, or worse, arguing with each other through echoes of supersonic screams. Nothing says “fitting in” like being responsible for toppling the Eiffel Tower, right? Add play dates with the local bully being quickly dispatched by a juice box thrown at the speed of light, and you’ve got yourself the perfect sitcom-worthy disaster.

So if you were wondering, “does Superman have kids?” the answer is yes, but not in this comic. It is revealed at the end of Kingdom Come, the comic miniseries, that Wonder Woman was pregnant with Superman’s child. We can see it born in its sequel.

Relationship Consequences

The idea of Superman and Supergirl, two cousins, forming a romantic relationship has been a topic of debate amongst fans for decades. Some view it as an absurd notion that should never be explored, while others believe that there is potential for a beautiful and powerful story to be told about two of the strongest heroes in the DC universe finding love in each other. But what would the consequences be if these two powerful heroes ever decided to take the plunge?

The first consequence that comes to mind is that of public opinion. Superman and Supergirl are two of the most public and beloved figures in the world, and any kind of relationship between the two would undoubtedly be met with shock and disdain by many of their fans. Their relationship would also be considered incredibly controversial, as it would be seen as an incestuous relationship due to their familial ties.

Another consequence to consider would be the potential for offspring. While it is not impossible for Superman and Supergirl to have children, it would not be a safe bet at all. As Kryptonians, their children would likely inherit their parents’ incredible powers, but with the potential for extreme mutation due to their parents’ genetic proximity. As a result, their children could potentially be born with physical and mental disabilities that could make them a potential threat to the world, as well as a burden to their parents.

Finally, there are the personal consequences of such a relationship. Despite their incredible powers, Superman and Supergirl would still be vulnerable to the same emotions and doubts that plague any normal relationship. With the added pressure of public opinion, and the potential for their children to be a danger to the world, it would be an immense challenge for these two heroes to make their relationship work.

In conclusion, while the idea of Superman and Supergirl forming a romantic relationship may have some potential for storytelling, the consequences of such an act could be grave and far-reaching. Whether or not such a relationship is ever explored in the comics still remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: it would certainly be an interesting story to follow.