Batman dies

If you are looking for the comic where Batman dies, you are thinking of Batman 681. The story is Batman R.I.P. I may have deceived you a little bit. Batman doesn’t really “die”, but did I really have to tell you that? Just like Superman didn’t really die, or Spider-Man didn’t really die.

The story goes as follows: a group called The Black Glove aim to break Batman mentally, and they find a way to “switch off” Batman. However, there is a subconscious Batman that was put in place in Bruce Wayne’s mind in the case of a mental attack. He calls this the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh. So even if you break Batman’s mind, he will still be Batman, because there is a Batman behind the Batman. If this sounds somewhat ridiculous to you, I hear you loud and clear.

Long story short, Batman, Robin, and Nightwing get screwed over and Batman punches through a helicopter window, which causes it to crash into water. This is where Batman dies. Quote unquote. Because a vague accident that happens over the pillow-like cushion of water must mean certain death. Other fun things happen, like Alfred getting the tar kicked out of him, and Batman getting buried alive in a coffin. How does he get out of the coffin? He simply pushes up on it and gets out. I’m not kidding.

I have read better Batman stories, but this one isn’t bad. If you are curious, you should definitely give Batman R.I.P. (affiliate link) a read, because it’s so cheap. As a bonus, you will get to see Batman dressed up in a homemade colorful costume he sewed while living on the street.

Batman R.I.P.

In the tragic yet laughable scenario where the caped crusader, Batman, meets his ultimate demise, one cannot help but ponder the ramifications in Gotham City. Those who fear the night may breathe a sigh of relief, not realizing that it may soon be all-out chaos without the brooding hero’s presence. Of course, on the flip side of the coin, villains are enthusiastically polishing their shoes for their inevitable reign of terror. In a bizarrely entrancing way, Batman’s untimely departure could both bless and curse the city he swore to protect, providing quite the paradox.

While Batman’s death might initially cause a dip in sales of his branded merchandise for a tearful fanbase, Gotham City residents are finally free to gaze at the night sky without spotting Bat-shaped shadows lurking. The pragmatic should consider investing in umbrella insurance, as umbrella-wielding villains stand to experience an upsurge in villainous success rates, unhindered by pesky bats. Jumbled rush-hour driving seems less daunting now that the Batmobile isn’t going to swing in any given corner, causing unnecessary havoc. Thus, we can determinedly yet humorously say, “Rest in peace, Batsy,” as we toast with an ironic half-smile to the sobering reality of the Dark Knight’s retirement.