girls' romances

Ah yes, Girls’ Romance comic books of yesteryear – the epitome of literary greatness. A treasure trove of love and melodrama woven together with such finesse that even Shakespeare himself must have blushed. The dazzling artwork and riveting storylines, immortalizing the lives of star-crossed lovers, emerge unparalleled in their depth and complexity. Truly, Girls’ Romance comics have bestowed upon us a pinnacle of art and culture akin to toothaches and soggy cardboard.

You might wonder what is worth reading about in such comics like Girls’ Romances 148. Well I would say quite a lot. These stories are always interesting because they reflect the time period so well. They also make me wonder what it would be like being a girl, especially when the title of the story is “I wish I wasn’t born a girl.”

    What happens in Girls’ Romances 148 is this teenage tomboy decides she wants to be pretty so she can catch a man (which apparently, is what’s most important in life) so she wears a dress and stuff and tries to bag her prize. When she comes down the steps wearing the dress for the first time, some guy in the foreground is giving a thumbs up, as if to say, “yeah, I’d tap that”. The panel is so funny I almost burst out laughing. I also thought the same thing when she dives into a lake to save some guy from drowning, and punches him in the face so he wouldn’t squirm. If you can buy this (Affiliate Link) story, it is worth every penny just so you can pass it around and show your friends. I don’t know where writers come up with this stuff.

With such unparalleled levels of literary genius, who could resist delving into the illustrious world of Girls’ Romance comic books? Indeed, what better way could one spend their time than scouring thrift shops or attics in pursuit of such timeless masterpieces? Each page offers a captivating exploration of passion, a smattering of humor, and delicate dollops of tragedy, providing an experience on par with slowly peeling off stubborn, ancient wallpaper. Yet despite comparisons to tedious tasks and subtle mockery, the bold and adventurous of heart will undoubtedly find solace in reading these relics of days long gone, forever entertaining themselves with melodramatic absurdity.

girls' romances sexist

Is this panel sexist or not? I can’t tell. Comment and tell me what you think. Girls Romances definitely has that sexist vibe though. Not that I care, it just makes it more funny to read.