comic book illustrator jim lee

Hungry to know about some of the greatest comic book illustrators ever to live? Look no further. Allow me to present to you my favorite comic book illustrators, in no particular order.

Jim Lee

comic book illustrator jim lee
Jim Lee is the first comic book illustrator to get my attention with his beautiful artwork in 1996’s Fantastic Four #1. His pencils were absolutely beautiful. Not only had his work pulled me into comic books, but had pulled me into the world of the Fantastic Four. This is the power of art.

Alex Ross

Alex Ross Art
Some think that Alex Ross is not a good comic book illustrator because he simply copies photographs. The truth is, all good artists use photo reference, and it is a critical part of creating fantastic illustrations. In addition, Alex Ross does not copy his illustrations exactly from photo reference, although at times it may seem like it. But once you see his work in Kingdom Come, you will see where the appeal comes from. His work is so amazing, you will swear that super heroes could be real.

Alex Ross’ methods are demonstrated in Mythology. (affiliate link)

Terry Moore

Strangers in Paradise 13
Although not as popular as some of the other comic book illustrators mentioned in this article, Terry Moore is an absolute master of two things: facial expressions and the female form. This can be seen in his hit series Strangers In Paradise, where one of the main characters is slightly rubenesque, and another has more of a boyish figure. Taking a gander at his drawings are a real treat.

If you can find his book, he describes his mastery of the subject matter.

Michael Turner

Michael Turner, before his death, was one heck of a comic book illustrator. His work was often idealistic, which fit like a glove in comic books. He draw great looking women in such titles as Fathom, Witchblade, Tomb Raider… my favorite though was his crossover comic, Tomb Raider Witchblade. When the two meet, it is a match made in heaven. After reading this comic, I knew Michael Turner was one of the great comic book illustrators.

Joseph Michael Linsner

Joseph Linsner faces
Linsner is only on this list of comic book illustrators for one reason: Dawn. All of his other work could be garbage for all I care. Remember when I said Terry Moore mastered the female form? Well he is nothing compared to Linsner. In his illustrations, you see every curve and muscle illustrated to perfection. Even better, his character Dawn is just as beautiful in gesture as she is in figure.

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