starfire and robin kiss

Did you know that Starfire and Robin kissed in The New Teen Titans #2 from 1980? It was how Starfire learned to speak English, in fact. By kissing Robin, Starfire made physical contact, which is all the alien needed to learn his language.

This issue of Teen Titans marks the start of the long relationship between Starfire and Robin. In addition, this same issue also happens to have the first appearance of Deathstroke the Terminator. Because all this happens in the second issue of The New Teen Titans, the characters aren’t quite used to working with each other yet. In addition, Starfire is still getting acquainted with earth’s ways.

The best thing about Starfire and Robin being in a relationship (of some sort) is the play on words. What do I mean, you ask? Well, Robin’s first name is Dick. And Starfire loves Dick. You see what I did there? Don’t blame me, sentences like that happen all the time in the comics. In this issue of The New Teen Titans, Starfire says, “Dick! I am so pleased you came!”. Is it bad that I snickered after reading that? I admit my immaturity; I read comic books, after all.

You should definitely get your hands on this collectable while it’s still within reach. In closing, I leave you this picture of Starfire and Wonder Girl wearing bikinis for your enjoyment.
starfire bikini

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  1. Pffffff… Just like if Donna a PROFESSIONAL MODEL PHOTOGRAPHER didn’t know what kind of bikinis Kori had… Lame excuse to expose yourself and feign ignorance.

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