Superman and Lois Lane's Son

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Don’t seem so surprised. In the land of comic book stories every possible scenario of coitus between all characters has been considered. As far as DC Comics go, no scenario is more obvious than having Superman and Lois Lane’s son appear after a long and meaningful relationship. But was this not always the case with this couple? How did this not happen sooner?

Let’s get this out of the way: Superman had gotten Lois Lane pregnant in Superman Annual 3. In this hypothetical story, Lois’ body could not handle a super-baby in her womb and she dies. In the same story Superman is entertained with the offer to hook up with Maxima, possibly the only woman who would be able to carry his child. (An exception would be Wonder Woman, it seems.)

Putting that story aside, there was another story where we can see Superman and Lois Lane’s son in Convergence: Superman issue 2. The two of them are trapped in a rather strange world where people from different dimensions. A sort of in-penetrable bubble prevents them from leaving. However they realize that it’s a different planet than they are from, and their special abilities are limited. However in Convergence 1 we see Superman suddenly gets his powers back. The confusion doesn’t end there as there seems to be another Kal El (Superman’s real name) and he confuses a pregnant Lois Lane for one that passed away in his own world. It is not until issue 2 that we see Superman and Lois Lane’s son Jonathan Samuel Kent make a first appearance.

But who wants to see him as a baby? The real fun starts in Super Sons. This series from 2017 shows Jonathan Samuel Kent and Damian Wayne (son of Batman) from the very first issue. If you love these sort of child coming-of-age stories, this is for you (Affiliate Link). How do you feel about this character? Leave a comment.