Superman slave Star Sapphire

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Of course we want to see Superman as a slave. I mean he’s the man of steel and can do anything. So imagine the possibilities if he were under your control. Have him rob a bank or build you a house or anything you want. In Superman 261 this fantasy is fulfilled as we see the enemy Star Sapphire forcing Superman to bend to her will.

I mean this has to be a woman’s sexual fantasy. This big, powerful man with rippling muscles is forced to do whatever she says. This is the situation as Star Sapphire makes Superman a slave. She does this by putting her Sapphire, the source of her powers, around his neck on a necklace. She then forces him to bend down and lick her boot, which he obeys. He can’t even speak, that’s how much of a slave Superman is. Since he can’t even call out to anyone he is completely helpless.

Luckily Superman has “super ventriloquism” and throws his voice so that Lois Lane can hear it, even though his lips are sealed shut. She comes up with a plan to dress up like Star Sapphire. Even though Superman cannot tell who is who, he still obeys Lois when she tells him to fly up into the air. When Star Sapphire commands that he comes back down the necklace slips off his neck and frees him from her will.

Superman enslaved

This version of Star Sapphire is Carol Farris. If you are not familiar with this character she has similar powers to Green Lantern. In fact in the past she has tried to force Green Lantern to marry her. So I guess manipulating men is nothing new to this woman. The art is pretty good in this comic and if you can find it you should add it to your collection (Affiliate Link).