Superman vs Jaws


Mar 24, 2021
Superman vs Jaws

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There’s one thing you can count on with classic DC comics and that is they never missed a trick. During the hype of the 1975 movie Jaws it only seemed logical to make a comic book cover where the infamous shark makes an appearance. The problem though is, also typical of DC comics around this time period, Superman vs Jaws never actually happens. Yet here we are looking at the cover and we can clearly see the shark jumping out of the water and attacking the man of steel.

What the story is actually about is a shark in a tank that had previously been evolutionary advanced thanks to radiation. The shark makes a comeback as a human like creature with advanced powers and abilities. It is this strange monstrosity that we could allegedly call Superman vs Jaws. But that’s a stretch since he barely resembles a shark at all at this point. What is amazing is how powerful this shark is. I mean he is able to beat the crap out of Superman. He also has telepathic powers and water powers. So he is sort of like an evil Aquaman.

This all happens in Action Comics 456 (Affiliate Link). There is also a bonus story with Green Arrow and Black Canary. You see, this comic was from 1976 and you got your money’s worth back then. Although the first splash page would have a big image, there would rarely be a comic where the entire page would be one or two panels. Nowadays, having the least amount of panels on a single page (or one image spanning across two pages even) seems to be the lazy norm where a story is stretched across countless issues that you had to buy separately. Back then however the entire story would be in one comic. What a crazy concept! But then they ruin it with a lie on the cover, like Superman vs Jaws.

Action comics 456

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