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If you are a fan of Kevin Smith, and then you may know that he is a comic book fan. There is a popular tale that he sold his comic book collection to fund his independent movie Clerks. The other thing about Kevin Smith is that if you are a fan of him, you may have noticed he tends to feel the need to work sex into every story in the worst way possible. The most blatant example I can think of is Zack and Miri, which was so graphic that it originally got an NC17 rating. So it should be no surprise that he wrote a story where he has The Black Cat raped and sexually abused.

The story is called The Evil That Men Do. Let me say up front that this comic story offends me in every way possible. Even the title implies that the author (Kevin Smith) created the story to sympathize with the alleged evil aspects of men, when in reality he probably finds the idea of The Black Cat raped and beaten to be his masturbatory fantasy. Why do I say that? Because Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) literally masturbates in the shower while fantasizing on the third page of the story.

Something else Kevin Smith tends to do is have characters act, um, out of character. From what I understand, writing editors usually catch inconsistencies like this, so I don’t know how Smith keeps getting away with it. (J Scott Campbell expresses encountering this issue in his autobiographical interview). In The Evil That Men Do, we see Spider-Man acting like Bugs Bunny. He is acting way over the top wacky, cracking too many jokes to be taken seriously. Yes, Spider-Man has always had a sense of humor. But this was so out of his element, I had to look up who wrote the story. And that’s when I realized that Kevin Smith strikes again. Not just with having the Black Cat raped, but with destroying the dignity of the other main characters as well.

We see these same elements in The Widening Gyre. Batman is shoe-horned into Kevin Smith’s world of dirty jokes and cartoon humor. Batman not only loses his serious demeanor, but was forced to perform oral sex on the villain Poison Ivy. Or in a word: rape.

Kevin Smith has also included heroin usage in the mix, another deeply sensitive and frightening topic. Frankly, Smith should know better than to work this subject into one of his stories. I say this because of his longtime friend Jason Mewes had a dope addiction. He surely witnessed the indescribable frustration and emotional pain from watching a close friend or family member waste their life away, and not being able to do anything about it.

Felicia Hardy Shower Naked

So bottom line, we have Black Cat raped by Kevin Smith both literally (a result of his writing) and metaphorically by having her be seen and do things out of character. Be sure to read it and offer your own opinion in the comments below.

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  1. She wasn’t raped, she was about to but the drug lord with the teleportation power that he used to make lose control of her body unable to fight back but teleporting the heroine into her system, got stopped, killed by his own brother that has a telekinesis power, not stopped him mid-way but full stop, Black Cat was never raped by him but got this close to doing so, and my heart sank and I was panicking over a fictional character wondering what happened and then the next issue shows her already in jail accused of murder, Daredevil is her lawyer but from the conversation, it becomes clear she can’t use a rape-kit as evidence cause there wasn’t any and later on we find out the dude’s brother is the one who killed him, he himself a victim of rape as well so that’s what triggered him into doing it despite being part of the group of criminals working under this brother.


    This guy wrote a backstory in which Felicia got raped in College….so I just felt defeated and wanted to punch him if I could. You think she didn’t get raped while Spider-man was bound by his own web unable to go save her causing the anxiety and panic, feel relieved to learn everything is alright, he didn’t touch her aside from grabbing her face hard(although maybe he also saw everything cause everything that happened was off panel, maybe he did other stuff before finally going for it and THEN he got killed…..which makes it worse that he touched her, he’s dead though..but still) and then he’s like “psych” she was actually raped, but many years ago.

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