Punisher and Elektra date

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You may have noticed that I have been reading Thunderbolts lately. You may have also noticed that I have said that the artwork is awful. Really, really awful. In Thunderbolts 18, this continues to be true. As mentioned before, the characters seem…. out of character. For example: the Punisher and Elektra date. And by date, I mean the Punisher is nailing Elektra.

It turns out, this was a subplot all along, which I had no clue about. I did not know because it is rarely acknowledged, and makes no sense. Neither the Punisher nor Elektra are known to be impulsive individuals. The Punisher finding any sort of girlfriend would imply letting someone into his life, which is a thing that the Punisher never does.

I discovered this plot point at the end of Thunderbolts 18. In the issue, the attacking aliens are destroyed rather conveniently, and the people that the Punisher wanted to kill happen to show up at the pizza parlor that Deadpool abandoned the team to eat at. So everything gets wrapped up in a pretty bow.

If the idea of seeing Punisher and Elektra date excites you, consider picking up a few issues of Thunderbolts and checking it out. How did you feel when you found out that Punisher and Elektra date? Terrible idea? Great idea? Leave a comment below.