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You may have noticed that I have been reading Thunderbolts lately. You may have also noticed that I have said that the artwork is awful. Really, really awful. In Thunderbolts 18, this continues to be true. As mentioned before, the characters seem…. out of character. For example: the Punisher and Elektra date. And by date, I mean the Punisher is nailing Elektra.

It turns out, this was a subplot all along, which I had no clue about. I did not know because it is rarely acknowledged, and makes no sense. Neither the Punisher nor Elektra are known to be impulsive individuals. The Punisher finding any sort of girlfriend would imply letting someone into his life, which is a thing that the Punisher never does.

I discovered this plot point at the end of Thunderbolts 18. In the issue, the attacking aliens are destroyed rather conveniently, and the people that the Punisher wanted to kill happen to show up at the pizza parlor that Deadpool abandoned the team to eat at. So everything gets wrapped up in a pretty bow.

If the idea of seeing Punisher and Elektra date excites you, consider picking up a few issues of Thunderbolts and checking it out. How did you feel when you found out that Punisher and Elektra date? Terrible idea? Great idea? Leave a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Punisher And Elektra Date”
  1. Steven Dillon’s artwork doesn’t seem so bad now

    But it’s not out of character fir the Punisher and Elektra to be Fing each other

    In 2003, the first time they ever met, she was killing off his targets before he even got there. She later told him that she simple does that when she gets bored and that the people he goes after deserves it. She’s about to leave when Frank thinks
    Thoughts: “Damaged goods, no doubt about it. Likes killing people. Completely insane. Never thought I’d meet anyone quite like her. About to take my life in my hands. Then again, I do that every day.”
    Dialog: “Wait. You want to have dinner tomorrow night?”

    He did the same thing in the Max comics with Kathryn O’Brien

    Issues later it’s the same thing, but he makes it clear on what his thoughts are between them.

    Jenny Cesare in the Max Punisher, but she had a very personal reason for that.

    Either you not really a fan of the character and therefore shouldn’t be saying anything at all about it being out of character or you do know this but just chose to ignore it in order to make a argument and exaggerate it by saying that it’s a date and she’s his girlfriend…

  2. Not the writer, not the other guy, and seven years late, but:

    if the writers went there with Frank Castle, it’s the writers who don’t understand the character.

    Frank Castle only loves death, revenge, and his obsessive personal one-man war on his somewhat off-kilter conception of crime. He doesn’t let anyone into his life. ANYONE. He pushes people away when he thinks they might be getting too close, because he grasps that being near him makes them targets. He goes through life alone, unburdened, unfettered. He wages his war alone. He’s been watching people who might have been friends or more die all around him almost his entire life. In the past, whenever he let someone get close to him, that person either betrays him or dies.

    But then someone at Marvel also green-lighted and signed off on Frankencastle. It’s almost like they don’t care any more and they’re just phoning it in.

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