Shrugged comic

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Ever feel like an angel and the devil were fighting with each other as they say on your shoulders? That is what the Shrugged comic is all about. Someone talked me into buying the first comic of the second volume from 2013. I was excited to check it out because Shrugged was partially created by comic legend Michael Turner.

In the first issue of the Shrugged comic series, Dev and Ange follow Theodore, the main character, around school incognito. This is the element that makes this comic so brilliant. A good and a bad influence are both making comments about someone they are spectating, as if watching a movie. The way the two toss dialog at each other back and forth is extremely entertaining.

What is interesting about the Shrugged comic is that it makes me wonder myself what I would do if I could influence other people. If you could persuade someone to do anything you wanted, what would it be? Robbing banks? jumping into a wood chipper? The sky’s the limit. That is what is so interesting about Shrugged.

A good place to start looking is at Things From Another World (their Nick and Dent section makes it worth visiting at the very least). The Shrugged comic is too good to pass up, so give it a read.