Flashpoint Joker Martha Wayne

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Having the Joker be a woman is nothing new. We saw this in Thrillkiller but in this it is a little different. The Flashpoint comic story arch was so popular that it was given its own animated version and remains popular to this day. However there is an interesting background given to Batman, one of the more popular characters in Flashpoint. We find out that the Flashpoint Joker is Martha Wayne, Bruce’s mother.

This can be seen (Affiliate Link) in the mini-series Batman: Knight of Vengeance. In Flashpoint, Batman is Thomas Wayne and Bruce is the one that died in an alley. This alternate Batman has no problem killing people, and operates in a different way. The death of his son not only effected him but effected his wife Martha. This can mostly be seen in the forth issue of aforementioned series. Thomas decided to take action and fight the mugger who was holding a gun. The gun went off and accidentally shot and killed Bruce. Martha was instantly damaged beyond repair. As time went on she got worse and therapy was not helping. She ended up blaming Thomas for Bruce’s death. This is why the Flashpoint Joker is Martha Wayne.

In this three-issue series we see how crazy she actually is and she even manages to kill Thomas’ best friend Gordon. In a strange twist, near the end Thomas feels compelled to ask Martha permission to fix the timeline that would lead to Bruce being alive and the two of them being dead. She likes the prospect but when she find out that Bruce becomes Batman, the one she learned to hate, she runs away and accidentally falls into a cave and dies.

Joker and Batman Kiss

This is a interesting twist on the Joker that I like. It makes sense and is easy to relate to. Being able to blame Thomas for her son’s death is a simple way to interpret her insanity. It also helps explain why Batman doesn’t kill The Joker, a solution that Batman otherwise would have no problem doing in Flashpoint. It’s crazy to think that Batman and Joker had a relationship, and there is even a silhouette of them kissing. What do you think of the Flashpoint Joker being Martha Wayne? Let me know in the comments.