Black Adam vs Superman

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Every protagonist like Shazam needs an antagonist like Black Adam. More of an antihero than a bad guy, Black Adam is ridiculously powerful, perhaps even more than Shazam. To testify to this fact we will look at fight with Big Red. Yes I am suggesting Black Adam vs Superman, one of the most powerful people on the planet. The excitement of seeing two musclebound douche bags solving their problems with their fists is too titillating to ignore. Luckily this has happened a couple times, so let’s take a peek at one example to see who might win.

If you direct your attention (Affiliate Link) to Action Comics 831 we see that Black Adam is seemingly protecting Dr Psycho, a villain with mind control. Things get a little heated when Superman starts making threats and Black Adam punches him so hard that he can’t help but to remark how he hits harder than Captain Marvel. The conflict seems to have been instigated by Dr Psycho. (I mean, his name says it all, right?) Jimmy Olsen carelessly takes photographs of the fiasco while narrowly being killed by the two fighting. But I guess seeing Black Adam vs Superman is a sight worth to die for.

Kid fights Black Adam

A little androgynous kid with balls bigger than either one of them jumps on Black Adam’s back to defend Superman. When Adam launches the kid toward a wall Superman conducts a rescue but is now furious. Lois Lane intervenes on the fight by pushing Dr Psycho, who is gloating on a rooftop, over the edge of the building. (Wait, did Lois try to kill someone?) Superman saves him but the fight isn’t over yet. Superman winds up a punch that he says could split the moon in half. However Black Adam turns his back on Superman, ending the fight by knowing that Superman wasn’t going to punch him from behind. So you could argue Black Adam won the fight by passivity and he is not only more powerful than the person he was fighting, but also a bigger person emotionally and intelligently.

This outcome should be no surprise. Superman’s Achilles’ heel is that he’s an idiot. It’s the same reason why Lex Luthor, a mere mortal, would consistently make a fool out of him. It’s also the reason Batman resents him so much. He is all brawn and no brain. Perhaps I am exaggerating a little but he is no Einstein, that’s for sure. What do you think of seeing Black Adam vs Superman? I bet if no one forfeited they would have toppled all of Metropolis and more.