Joker Shoots Robin


Mar 17, 2022
Joker Shoots Robin

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We all know how Joker beat the crap out of Jason Todd with a crowbar but let’s be honest, that whiny brat deserved it. Who didn’t deserve to be hurt by The Joker was Dick Grayson, the first Robin who later became Nightwing. However it was this very scenario that led to him going out on his own and separating from Batman and becoming his own crime fighter. But when Joker shoots Robin it is also traumatic and leads to a heartbreaking separation between Batman and his sidekick.

While Joker steals the “Hopeless Diamonds” and stands on a rooftop he is confronted by Batman. Behind him is Robin perched on the building’s ledge. He is caught off guard as The Joker spins around. Joker shoots Robin through his shoulder as he falls down the building and is tangled in the rope he used to climb the building. Batman rescues him, however a news helicopter captures Robin on film as he is falling and assumes that he died. Once it airs on television, Batman considers letting the public think Robin is dead for his own safety. But now Batman is getting heavy criticism from the press for his actions leading to a child’s death.

Jason Todd Fights Batman

This is also the issue where we meet Jason Todd. He is caught stealing the tires off Batman’s car and he is impressed at the “stones” he has. I actually find it more interesting that Batman didn’t have any sort of sophisticated anti-theft deterrent to prevent such a thing from happening. I mean that kid just walked up and took the tires off one by one with a typical tire iron. When Batman confronts him, Jason takes a swing at Batman in the stomach. You can read all about it (Affiliate Link) in Batman 408 from 1987.

What do you think of this trade-off of Robins in this fashion? Was Grayson too careless? Should Batman have beaten the tar out of Todd for stealing his tires? Leave a comment.