joker kills robin with crowbar

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Did you know that the Joker Killed Robin? Of course you did, because that is probably how you found this post. Most people think that the Joker kills Robin with a crowbar, but this actually isn’t true. The Joker just beats him half to death with it.. and then blows him to bits with a bomb.

The graphic novel and story that Robin dies in is called Death in the Family. This Robin, Jason Todd, was extremely unpopular in reality. Readers thought he was a brat, I suppose. Joker kills which Robin, you ask? The second. The Joker kills the second Robin. And boy were fans happy. But that was no coincidence. The fate of Robin was left to the fans in the form of 900-number voting service.

The Death in the Family story is that Robin discovers that, although he thought his parents died, his real mom may actually still be alive. Investigating the possibilities of who she may be, he travels overseas without consulting Batman. Then by a ridiculously ginormous coincidence, Batman chases Joker overseas as well to the exact same location.

Delving into the depths of dark humor, one can’t help but chuckle at the twisted irony of The Joker’s choice of weapon: a crowbar. After all, who wouldn’t find it morbidly amusing that the very tool meant to pry things open ultimately sealed poor Robin’s fate? The Joker’s sinister laugh creeps into the air, reflecting his glee in the event that turned Gotham’s beloved sidekick into a punchline. Indeed, this unsettling incident has found its way into the annals of comic history, forever reminding us that even the darkest of jokes can pack quite the punch – or swing, in this case.

While the death of Robin may be satisfying enough for you, there are other little gems as well in this graphic novel. For example, Batman reflects to when he first met Jason Todd. Batman finds him ripping the tires off the Bat-mobile! The image of some kid stealing from Batman while he looks pissed off is the best. It is also funny to think that someone could do that so easily. What if Batman wasn’t around to catch him in the act? Would he have the Bat-mobile towed? Towed to what turns out to be a chop-shop?

death of robin

Batman: A Death in the Family (affiliate link) is definitely one of the best Batman graphic novels. So throw away your old Pokemon and Spongebob video cassettes to make room for it. Because if you don’t, the Joker might visit you with a crowbar. And Batman will let him do it, once he finds out you were stealing his tires.