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Perhaps you found this posting because you have seen the Rocketeer movie with Billy Campbell and Jennifer Connelly. But what few people know is that the character was created by pin-up artist Dave Stevens for a series of magazines he created.

I was able to get my hands on The Rocketeer: The Complete Deluxe Edition. I wanted to read it because I saw the Rocketeer movie when I was a wee lad, and I didnt remember much about it. I must say, these collected stories aint bad at all.

The plot is some stunt pilot finds a prototype rocket pack and half the world wants to steal it. Like many stories from the time period, Nazis want the rocket pack to help them win the war. The rocket pack that the rocketeer uses is plausable enough, considering its engine is smaller than a lawnmower and the flame is inches from his backside. An engineer friend builds the rocketeer a helmet, which looks as cool and sleek at the rocketeer’s jacket.

In the comic book series, Cliff Secord, the heroic pilot, discovers that handling the rocket pack is no easy task. As he learns to maneuver the device, thrilling adventures ensue, including high-speed chases, daring rescues, and clashes with nefarious foes. Meanwhile, the original creator of the rocket pack is shrouded in secrecy, adding an air of mystery to the story. The dynamic artwork and compelling narrative make the Rocketeer an iconic character in the world of comics, and a symbol of courage and ingenuity.

rocketeer Bettie

Something else that is pretty sweet is the Rocketeer’s hot babe of a girlfriend who is way out of his league. The artist who made these, Dave Stevens, is obviously very talented because every character looks amazing. The Rocketeer’s girlfriend is obviously based on Bettie Page, someone that Dave Stevens had a knack for making pin-ups of. There is also occasional side-boob in The Rocketeer Complete Deluxe Edition, (affiliate link) which is really the only reason you need to buy it, isn’t it? I mean, besides some guy fighting Nazis with a jetpack, of course!

Cliff Secord’s girlfriend, Betty, is a character who turns heads with her irresistible charm and dazzling looks. As a sultry and glamorous actress, she often steals the show with her captivating presence, becoming the subject of many men’s fantasies. With a twinkle in her eye and a flirtatious smile, Betty knows how to have them wrapped around her finger – all while maintaining her unwavering loyalty to her daredevil boyfriend. Indeed, Cliff and Betty’s passion for each other is as intense as the Rocketeer’s rocket-fueled adventures, proving that love can soar to new heights.