Superboy's girlfriend Tana Moon

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During the whole Superman-death-thing of the 90s (that some people partially blame for the infamous comic book industry crash) Superboy was cloned to take place of Superman. Well actually he was an experiment of a human clone made to replicate Superman’s abilities and looks. He escaped from his incubation chamber too early before he reached full adulthood. This hormone-raging teen soon found the woman of his dreams. Yes, we are talking about Superboy’s girlfriend Tana Moon.

We get a first glimpse of Tana Moon in Adventures of Superman 501. Superboy is rocking his no-sideburns haircut that was popular at the time along with a leather jacket and steampunk sunglasses. While leaving the Daily Planet Superboy spots Tana leaving and grabs her, as if she is a prize to be taken. He flies her to a rooftop and remarks that she’s way too hot to be a reporter. It turns out that she is a television personality for GBS News. Superboy is happy to go on TV and tell everyone that he is a clone of Superman.

Tana Moon First Appearance

It’s hard to say when their relationship started. I suppose it was in Superboy issue 5 when Tana gives him a big wet kiss on the mouth. Eventually they start dating, but have their ups and downs. They rekindle their relationship in Superboy 32. By issue 46 Tana is back to recognizing his immaturity. These issues all take place in Hawaii, the place where Tana is from. But Superboy’s girlfriend is always initiating an on-again-off-again relationship because he acts like a horny teenager. He thinks that she is attacking his body but she insists that it’s actually his mental attitude.

Later Tana gets killed by a villain in Superboy 74, so I guess that solves all of their relationship problems, am I right? Seriously though, Superboy’s girlfriend Tana Moon was cute, and so was their relationship. It’s just a bummer when things don’t work out. The easiest way to read about their relationship (Affiliate Link) is in the Superboy TPB published in 2018. What do you think of the Boy of Steel hooking up with the Hawaiian bombshell? Lemme know in the comment section.