Shawn Tsang and Dick Grayson kissing

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You may know Shawn Tsang as a criminal known as the Defacer (as seen in the end of Nightwing issue 10 2016 series) but she was hardily a threat at all. More of a vandal and art theft than anything else. “Art terrorist” is the word she used. Ironically Dick Grayson (Nightwing) discovers that this same criminal he had known from his past while being Batman’s sidekick is now his boss. He admits knowing this has made her more attractive to him, for reasons he calls “Catwoman Syndrome”. We can see this in issue 11. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that we see Shawn Tsang and Dick Grayson in a relationship.

Nightwing muscles

By issue 15 of Nightwing we see Shawn Tsang and Dick Grayson on their first date. They go to a gothic night club and gyrate against each other, but not before getting drinks. Obviously Grayson wanted to get her smashed-drunk before inviting her upstairs to his apartment. She declines, probably to make him work for it. At this point Grayson is in his apartment with Wally, also known as The Flash. He is excited to hear the details. All the good stuff is in this issue (Affiliate Link) so if you’re going to buy one issue, make sure it’s Nightwing 15. I say this because six days later they bang. There’s also a picture of Shawn lifting up Nightwing’s shirt and exposing his muscles, an erotic image for sure. Grayson lets Red Hood in on their relationship and he tells Starfire, an old flame of Grayson. There is also an odd intimate moment in this comic with Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) as he puts his hand over hers. She pulls her hand away and kisses him on the forehead. Let’s not forget that he had sex with her too.

Nightwing in bed with Shawn Tsang

In Nightwing issue 25 we see Shawn Tsang and Dick Grayson break up. Shawn is not happy that Grayson was trying to change who she was. I suppose it was fun while it lasted. What do you think of this two love birds being together? Is Nightwing a stud-muffin or just a man-whore? Leave a comment.